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At PMM Cabinets, we want to offer our customers practical and functional bathroom cabinets. A lot of time is spent in the bathroom, so it is very important to be comfortable in this room. The bathroom is reserved for self-care, relaxation and unwinding, and with renovations and the installation of custom cabinets, comfort is a given. By doing business with Armoires PMM, we guarantee you a bathroom with practical and functional cabinets.


We don’t realise how much time we spend in the bathroom. A good bathroom that is useful and well renovated can simplify everything from getting ready for work or an outing, to getting the kids ready for school and work in the morning. What better way to revitalize the look and increase the functionality of your bathroom for a positive experience every day. At Armoires PMM, our experts will work with you to evaluate your needs and give your bathroom a new look.

Storage cabinets that match your furniture, shower and bathroom mirrors  

Each person has their own habits, and our different lifestyles require bathroom arrangements that are adapted to certain needs. We listen to the needs of the different occupants of the house to develop a bathroom design plan that will best suit your needs! 

We always take certain elements into consideration when creating your bathroom cabinets. First of all, we always provide space for a mirror in front of the bathroom sink. Depending on the requirements and needs of our customers, we can also provide a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. We also take into consideration during the planning of the bathroom all the furniture you have and want to keep in the bathroom. And finally of course, we design the cabinets with the location of the toilet and shower in mind.

Careful and experienced workers for your custom-made cabinets

We manufacture each piece of furniture and each module ourselves, the only constraints will be the dimensions of your room. PMM Cabinets is not dependent on any other company, so we can deliver your project in a time frame that exceeds the best industry standards. Before we leave, we do a final pick-up to make sure the place is clean and ready for the occupants of your home to enjoy!

Our specialists are experts in creating cabinet renovation plans that will incorporate storage space and practical elements into your bathroom. These elements will make housework and other daily activities in the bathroom easier and more efficient. If you feel you need more storage space, we will adjust our construction plans to accommodate you!


We are proud to offer you the choice of your preferred designs and materials from a wide range of collections. We offer a personal in-home service and professional advice from our representatives, and with our wide variety of materials and expertise, your custom bathroom will be made exactly to your style and taste.

Our specialists know how to visualize the finish of your bathroom taking into consideration the location of the room and its accessories; bath, shower, vanity, washer, dryer and more. Let us help you discover a functional and welcoming bathroom.

The materials used are always resistant to the moisture often found in the bathroom. Many of us enjoy hot showers, so moisture is inevitable in bathrooms, and can affect some materials. We ensure that we always use high quality products to ensure a hard wearing finish and a bathroom that will last for years.

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The PMM advantage

By choosing us, you benefit from sound advice on the latest trends in both design and organisation. Our expert advisors will guide you and inform you about the advantages of each material.

Design, plan, conception, manufacturing, installation; discover all that the Armoires PMM team can offer you in the conception of your future ideal kitchen. From the measurement by one of our specialists to the delivery, we will take care of the smooth running of your project.

Unparalleled customer service

At PMM Cabinets, we recruit and select experienced construction staff who will be able to answer all your questions and comments when renovating your bathroom cabinets. We offer a fast and efficient service that does not neglect the aesthetic and functional needs requested by our customers. Doing business with Armoires PMM guarantees that you will be satisfied with the final result of your bathroom. 

The advantage of having your cabinets made to measure

When renovating your bathroom cabinets, choose a custom solution to take advantage of several benefits. The materials used by PMM Cabinets for custom cabinets are very durable and of the highest quality. In addition, the cabinets are perfectly adjusted to the nooks and crannies of your bathroom. This helps you to save storage space and minimize wasted space. 

The services of the specialists at PMM Cabinets can be divided into 3 stages:

Initial meeting with our designers, specialists and experts

The purpose of this meeting is to identify all your needs and tastes. It is up to you to choose the materials and colours you want. Then, the experts can take measurements of your bathroom to create plans. 

Individual manufacturing of your custom-made cabinets

Once you have approved the designs for your bathroom, the process of manufacturing your cabinets can begin. We ensure that the work is perfectly tailored to your tastes and needs. 

3. Delivery and installation of the cabinets in your home 

After your bathroom cabinets have been manufactured, the installers come to your home to install them and give you a brand new bathroom!

Frequently asked questions when designing bathroom cabinets

How to organise a family bathroom?

To make hurried mornings easier, many families appreciate personal wardrobes for each person in the family. Set aside one cupboard for all the things for each parent, and another for the children. When all items such as toothbrushes, creams, elastic and hairbrushes are in the same place, there is less delay in the morning and you avoid bickering!

How long does it take to do a bathroom?

Design and manufacturing is the most time-consuming part of the PMM cabinet process. The installation is done in a very short time, even only one day. If this varies, we will inform you of any changes. Otherwise, you should expect that the time to do a bathroom will vary for each case. When designing, we can give you a good estimate of the time needed to finish your bathroom.


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