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The kitchen is the heart of the house, it’s where we cook and/or eat, it’s in the kitchen or we chat around the island during family dinners and with friends: the kitchen unites us! That’s why it’s important to have a beautiful, well-appointed kitchen with custom cabinetry to maximize efficiency. 

Let’s not forget the bathroom: a room where we find a moment to relax and unwind for more intimate moments. An efficient storage system for all users is necessary to ensure a good communal or family experience.

Customised kitchen cabinets

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and storage needs to be done right to make it easier to get things done. Make sure that every moment spent in the kitchen is a stress-free one with custom cabinets that make storage, cleaning and meal preparation easy. Every kitchen is different, so why not maximize the space you have with custom cabinets?

Custom made bathroom cabinets

The bathroom is the place where we find important intimate and relaxing moments of everyday life. The bathroom must be well equipped to store all the beauty and care accessories, towels and much more. This is even more important for small and large families who need to get ready quickly in the morning for a day. Start your day using an efficient bathroom with custom made bathroom cabinets. 

High quality custom-made cabinets

Not only do we manufacture the cabinets with the best materials, but we design and create them with employees full of knowledge and experience. Our kitchen team works tirelessly to prepare manufacturing and design plans for drawers and cabinet doors that perfectly suit your needs and tastes. We pride ourselves on offering you professional workmanship and the best workmanship in the business. Take advantage of our custom cabinet design, manufacturing, delivery and installation services.

Turnkey custom cabinet project

We make sure to provide the best possible experience for all our clients. Our service is that of a turnkey project, where you will not be left without a kitchen or bathroom for weeks during renovations. After a meeting where we take measurements of the room, we ask you what your particular needs are in terms of cabinet placement and aesthetic taste. Once we understand what you are looking for, we focus on design to provide you with several layout options.

The installation is fast and efficient: it can often be done in one day. We take care of the dismantling and demolition of existing cabinets and dispose of the old materials. Our team is extremely efficient and will leave your home in the same condition as when they arrived!

Choose from a wide selection of materials

We make sure to offer you all types of materials available on the market for the manufacturing of your cabinets. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to choose which look, strength, durability, ease of maintenance, and price you prefer.

Thermoplastic custom cabinet

Thermoplastic cabinets are a current trend, you can choose a finish that gives a natural wood look or even a glossy finish for a contemporary European look. Remember that glossy thermoplastic finishes create fingerprints when touched, but they are very easy to maintain and clean! 

  • Colour palette: wide range of colours and textures
  • Sustainability: Highly durable
  • Interview: Very easy to clean – depending on the texture, fingerprints are more visible
  • Easy to repair: Repairs are difficult, but not impossible.
  • Heat resistance: Low flame and extreme heat resistance 
  • Resistant to moisture: Highly resistant to moisture from steam from the stove or a hot shower in the bathroom
  • Price: Moderately expensive


Custom made polymer cabinet

Polymer cabinets are manufactured from medium density fibreboard. A film is moulded over the entire surface giving a seamless finish. Beware, they are prone to fingerprints. 

  • Colour palette: wide range of colours and textures 
  • Sustainability: highly durable
  • Maintenance: easy to clean – depending on textures fingerprints are more visible (ease of cleaning depends on the finish of the cabinets)
  • Easy to repair: difficult to repair in case of scratches and difficult to find the right colour to replace (after several years of manufacture)
  • Heat resistance: Heat sensitive
  • Resistant to moisture: Moisture resistant
  • Price: Moderately expensive


Custom made polyester cabinet

Polyester cabinets are made of 4 panels of medium density fibre coated with a polyester film around the edge with a thinner centre to give the shaker look. Polyester cabinets give a special elegance to kitchens. 

  • Colour palette: wide range of wood colours and easily choose between matt, satin and textured.
  • Sustainability: good durability
  • Maintenance: Very easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair: difficult to repair and has regained the right colour to replace after a long time
  • Heat resistance: good resistance
  • Resistance to moisture: good resistance
  • Price: More expensive


Custom melamine cabinet

Melamine cabinets are made from a medium density fibreboard and a melamine film bonded to the board by heat and pressure. The colour of melamine cabinets is not affected by the UV rays of the sun. 

  • Colour palette: natural gloss finish, and even granite with an infinite range of colours
  • Durability:Very durable
  • Maintenance: very easy to maintain
  • Ease of repair: difficult to repair or find the right color to match current skin tone
  • Heat resistance:Very poor resistance to flame and extreme heat
  • Moisture resistance: Moisture resistant from stove steam or hot shower in the bathroom
  • Price:Affordable cost – the least expensive option



Armoire sur mesure en bois

Wood is the original material used for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Wood is very easy to repair or replace, which is quite an advantage compared to other materials. Several types of wood are available such as bamboo, oak, and more. Wooden cabinets are the most eco-friendly option and a material that can last for decades of use.

  • Color palette: Can be painted any color or stained any stain. You can change color anytime easily.
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Care: Easy to clean
  • Ease of repair:Very easy to repair
  • Heat resistance:very heat resistant
  • Moisture resistance:very moisture resistant
  • Scratch Resistance:Superior scratch resistance
  • Price: Most expensive material


Customised kitchen cabinets VS prefabricated cabinets

The prefabricated cabinets you can find in hardware stores like Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, IKEA and many others are not designed specifically for the size of your kitchen or bathroom. This means that there may be gaps where no prefabricated cabinets can be installed. There is a risk with prefabricated cabinets or you lose the necessary storage space. In addition, retailer-bought cabinets are limited in colour and texture, whereas with custom cabinets you can choose the colour and texture you want.  

How to make a custom-made wardrobe?

Making custom cabinets requires a good level of experience and specific tools to ensure a desired end result. You need to take exact measurements of the kitchen to cut the materials. We recommend that you deal with a company that excels in custom cabinet making such as PMM Cabinets. A custom kitchen cabinet project is difficult, the expertise we have is irreplaceable!

Portes d’armoire sur mesure

We design custom cabinet doors, custom drawers, and pedestals. All you have to do is tell us what your needs and tastes are and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a turnkey project that’s fast and efficient! 


Our services include the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of your custom cabinets. All of these aspects are taken into consideration when billing, each project varies greatly in cost. Each kitchen and bathroom has different sizes, which requires more or less material or labour. The price also varies with the material you choose. 

We are able to offer you a quotation that includes a cost estimate and a planning of the work to be done. 

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