Polyester Cabinet – A wood-like material for your kitchen and/or bathroom

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What is polyester?

Polyester is a durable, lightweight, easy to clean and moisture resistant material. It is an ideal option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are subject to a lot of moisture. Polyester offers several advantages such as a wide choice of colours and wood patterns as well as an affordable price. 

Contact our kitchen designers to find out more about polyester cabinets and their good value for money. 

The advantage of polyester for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Polyester cabinets are made of materials that are resistant to the various events that occur in the kitchen and bathroom. Polyester cabinets are very resistant to heat, i.e. cabinets near the stove in the kitchen are not threatened by heat, and to the moisture released by hot showers. 

Maintenance of polyester cabinets

Before choosing the material of their cabinet, our customers would like to know whether maintenance is easy or difficult. Fortunately, polyester cabinets have a surface that is easy to maintain. Here are some examples of the most frequently asked questions about polyester cabinets.

How to clean polyester cabinets?

Fortunately, polyester cabinets are very easy to clean. All you need to clean them is a wipe with dish soap. To avoid streaks, we suggest that you wipe the cabinets with a cloth after cleaning. 

Although polyester is moisture resistant, it is not resistant to a constant source of water on the material. So be sure to always dry cabinets that are affected by water! 

Can polyester cabinets be painted?

Polyester has a finish that is not smooth, and this particular texture makes them much easier to paint. There are several steps to follow before painting the cabinets to ensure that the paint adheres well to the applied surfaces. 

  1. Remove cabinets and drawers from their locations in the kitchen or bathroom. 
  2. Clean, sand, and re-clean cabinets to prepare them for painting
  3. To ensure good paint adhesion on surfaces, we suggest starting with a coat of TSP (trisodium phosphate), a solution that prepares surfaces for advanced paint adhesion.  
  4. Apply paint and wait at least 24 hours to ensure that the cabinets are completely dry before replacing them

If the thermoplastic has peeled off and shrunk, it is unfortunately impossible to reattach it as before. Generally, a very hot air source is the reason why the thermoplastic film comes off. So if you want to remove the thermoplastic, apply heat with a heat gun. Otherwise, you will simply have to change the door. 

The PMM cabinet advantage 

PMM Cabinets kitchen designers know how important it is to be comfortable in the kitchen or bathroom and cabinets have a lot to do with that comfort. When you customize your cabinets with PMM Cabinets, you will find the kitchen and/or bathroom of your dreams. We design the cabinets and listen carefully to your needs for the best possible result!


Choose Armoires PMM for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Our designers will design your custom cabinets using the materials of your choice. Our primary goal is to provide you with custom cabinetry plans that meet your requirements, tastes and needs. In addition, we are available to answer your questions before, during and after the design, creation and installation of your cabinets.  


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